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Google’s new online exhibition explores our rich sporting history


Sport is part of our history and our culture and Google has launched a dedicated celebration called Great Sporting Land which will allow you to look back at the people and events of our colourful sporting past.

Google Arts & Culture has launched Great Sporting Land – an online sporting exhibition which includes more than 11,000 archived images and videos along with more than 100 original stories from over 30 partners including the Melbourne Cricket Club, Australian Football League, Bondi Surf Lifesaving and the National Portrait Gallery.

Google has travelled to sporting institutions across Australia to capture more than 200 pieces of art, archival materials and artefacts in high resolution quality.

You can take a tour of the world-famous Bradman Museum with cricketing legend Steve Waugh as you discover the archives and memorabilia which offers an incredible insight into his own cricketing history and memories of the sport he conquered.

The experience also includes a peek inside the Sydney Cricket Ground’s Away Changing Room were visiting players were known to graffiti their batting and bowling figures on the change room door.

Great Sporting Land is divided into four quarters – the culture, the people, the moments and the places.

The Culture reveals the true story of the mythical ashes along with the rivalries that unite and divide.

The People takes a look at the pioneers of Australian sport who became household names including Dawn Fraser, Cathy Freeman, Mark Ella and the legendary Don Bradman.

The Moment explores incredible highlights and celebrations in tennis, cricket and AFL.

The Places takes you inside the world-famous venues and grounds were some of the greatest sporting moments took place.

You can take a virtual tour of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, go behind the scenes at the Rod Laver Arena and explore the history of the North Bondi SLSC club.

The Google Great Sporting Land is a wonderful compilation of history, people and moments and is presented brilliantly in a multimedia format which includes photos, interviews and videos.

If you’re a sporting fan the Great Sporting Land is a must see. You’ll spend hours and hours inside.