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HTC unveils sleek U Ultra smartphones that learn about you and your habits


HTC has released a standout new smartphone called the U Ultra that offers a refreshing and sophisticated approach to design and that gets to know you and your habits over time.

There are two models – the U Ultra with a 5.7-inch display and the U Play with a 5.2-inch screen.

It has what HTC calls a liquid surface so it reflects and transforms light and was achieved with a new colour bonding process so the glass is evenly molded at high pressure around the sides and edges.

It will be available in three colours – white, black and blue.

The HTC U devices introduce the HTC Sense Companion which is constantly learning from you and remembering the things you do every day.

It can remind you to take an umbrella, warn you might need to recharge before heading out, book seats for you and even recommend restaurants for you.


And it’s designed to get better over time and comes with voice recognition so it can tell when you’re talking to it and respond even when its locked and asleep.

Also onboard is a secondary display at the top of the screen that offers notifications and shortcuts without interrupting what you’re doing on the main part of the screen.

On the audio side, HTC has introduced more new technology to make your music sound even better.

We all hear sound differently and HTC’s USonic can send a sonic pulse to adapt the output for you like having your very own sound engineer to optimise the audio.

When taking videos and recording audio, the HTC U uses four omni-directional mics so you can record immersive 360-degree audio.


HTC builds on the excellent 12-megapixel camera introduced with the HTC 10 which received a DxOMark score of 88.

Now there’s laser focus for fast sharp snaps and Phase Detection Auto Focus so you capture every moment in crisp detail.

And your selfies are sorted as well with the 16-megapixel (that’s right – higher resolution that the back camera) UltraPixel front camera which has four time the light sensitivity.

Australian availability and pricing has yet to be announced.