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DxO One camera takes your iPhone photography to the next level


The camera on the iPhone is great – but what about if you want to make it even better? You can with the new DxO One – a professional grade connected camera that links to your iPhone through the Lightning port.

The DxO One is surprisingly compact but packs in plenty of features in its relatively small chassis.

It has rectangular shape with rounded edges and a Lightning port connector in the centre of the left panel. It is about half the size of a deck of cards.


It attaches securely to any iPhone with a Lightning port so that means any iPhone from the iPhone 5 onwards can be used with DxO One.

With a 1-inch sensor and a resolution of 20.1-megapixels, the DxO One has the power of a high-end camera to shoot stunning pictures and videos.


It can be used independently of the iPhone and still shoot movies and stills. There is a small display so you can easily see the device’s settings.

The DxO One also has its own memory card slot so you can save your content on a card instead of on the phone.

When it is connected to the iPhone you can use the display as your viewfinder and also control the DxO One with the companion app.


The iPhone can be adjusted to any angle to make shooting even easier whether you’re shooting something low or above your head. The display lets you keeps your subject in the frame.

With the DxO One app you can access a number of scene modes and advanced features including priority, aperture and speed modes along with full manual mode shooting RAW.


You can also dial in your aperture, shutter speed and ISO on the display.

DxO One also comes with a suite of photo editing software – DxO Connect, DxO FilmPack and DxO OpticsPro Elite Edition – which work within Apple Photos and Adobe Lightroom.

The DxO One is available now and is priced at $US599.

 * Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG