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World Back Up Day reminds us to back up our computer


worldbackupday14Today is World Back Up Day – a global initiative that was created to highlight the importance of backing up your computer, tablet and smartphone.

And it’s not held on the day before April Fool’s Day by accident.

Anyone who has ever lost their content without having a back up would feel pretty foolish.

The good news is that it is very simple to organise a back up of your device and a few ways to do it.

Internet security company Trend Micro has found that only four per cent of their customers who use its Titanium Maximum Security software use built-in the SafeSync feature.

And smartphone users are not much better.

People using Trend Micro’s Mobile Back Up and Restore app on their mobiles only backed up on average 124MB of contacts, photos and music despite the fact that there is between 8GB and 64GB of onboard storage space.

So what are the options when it comes to back up?

You can choose to back up onto an external hard drive or online using a cloud storage service.

The back up needs to be physically separate to the device because it needs to be available in case the original device or its content is lost.

If that occurs because the device is lost or stolen and you have the back up on the same device then they’re both gone.

Similarly if an internal hard drive fails with the back up on board then all is lost.

But if the back up is on the cloud or on an external hard drive then all of your content is safe.

If you’re backing up via USB then you’ll need an external hard drive.

Here’s how you do it:


Click the Start button.

Type “backup” into the search box.

Click on Backup and Restore.

Choose “Set up Backup”.

When Windows has finished preparing, select your external hard drive and click Next.

Click “Let Windows Choose” and press Next.


Open your start screen and start typing “file history settings”.

In the search results panel, tap or click “file history settings”.

Tap or click “Select a drive”.

Choose your external hard drive from the list.

Click “Turn on”.


Open the Apple menu (in the top left of your screen) and choose System Preferences.

Click on “Time Machine”.

Click “Select Disk”.

Choose your USB hard drive from the list and select “Use Disk”.

If you’d like to back up online there are a number of online storage and back up options as well including OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Users can organise a back-up folder and fill it with all of their important content before selecting that folder to be backed up in the cloud.

There are many cloud storage options that offer a certain amount of space for free.

If you require more, there is likely to be a monthly or yearly payment to cover it.

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