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Where to buy the new iPad this weekend


ipad3mainApple’s new iPad went on sale yesterday and, if you’re thinking of buying one this weekend, the good news is there appears to be plenty of stock in a number of stores.

There were still lines at Apple Stores even into the afternoon yesterday but at other stores like Dick Smith, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Big W customers could buy the new iPad without waiting.

Stock levels at non-Apple stores will be challenged this weekend with some Big W stores already sold out with new stock due early next week.

It is no wonder Big W sold their new iPads fast – their prices were easily the cheapest with the entry level 16GB device, usually $539, being sold for $498.

Apple Stores around the country will still be your best chance to find the new iPad this weekend as stock is constantly being replenished.

Tech Guide’s complete review of the new iPad

JB Hi-Fi, as of late yesterday afternoon, reported plenty of stock of the new iPad especially in the 16GB and 32GB capacities.

The new iPad

One staff member revealed to Tech Guide the stores were selling more wi-fi only models of the new iPad than they did for the iPad 2.

Many customers are now using the their iPhones as personal hotspots to connect their iPads to the internet outside wi-fi areas.

JB Hi-Fi Stores also displayed a disclaimer about the new iPad and 4G compatibility in Australia.

It read: IMPORTANT NOTICE: NEW Apple iPad, 4G network compatibility. Apple iPad “Wi-fi + 4G” variant models are currently NOT compatible with any existing 4G Mobile Networks within Australia. Instead network access will default to compatible 3G networks within Australia.

Telstra has also won the early battle against Optus and Vodafone to sell the new iPad on a two-year contract for a couple of reasons.

The disclaimer on display about the new iPad at JB Hi-Fi

Firstly, Telstra decided to open their doors at 12.01am on launch – that’s eight hours earlier than Apple themselves – and were offering the new iPad on competitive plans which included generous data caps.

The second reason is the speed the new iPads can achieve on the Telstra 3G network.

Now we all know the new iPad won’t work on Telstra’s 4G network but Telstra customers will see a speed increase over the iPad 2 and it’s all thanks to HSPA+ which offers dual channel 3G access which, effectively, is like have two 3G connections in one.

Telstra is the only Australia network that can support HSPA+. Tech Guide achieved more than 17Mbps in the Sydney CBD with the new iPad using the Telstra 3G network.

It’s not 4G but the performance on the Telstra network is still a massive improvement over the iPad 2.

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