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New Australian technology can guarantee the wine you’re buying is authentic


Nobody likes a fake or knock-off and it appears this isn’t just an issue in the tech world – it is also rampant in the wine sector but an Australian-first technology from YPB Group has been introduced to combat this problem.

Counterfeit product costs billions of dollars a year.

Figures published recently shows that 20 per cent of all wine currently in circulation around the world is fake.

The Interprofessional Council of Bordeaux Wine says that 30,000 bottles of fake imported wine is sold per hour in China.

Vintail, the new YPB Group’s technology, will allow the customer to use their smartphone to tap the bottle to confirm it is a genuine product.

Historic wine estate Seppeltsfield Barossa has partnered with brand protection and retail engagement specialists YPB Group to help customers guarantee the wine’s authenticity.

The technology can also be used to help engage the customer to learn more about the label and how the wine was produced.

“Whilst we are expanding our luxury wine collection globally, it is very important we are at the forefront of innovation, so we are taking a proactive approach and investing in technology to ensure wine authenticity,”  says Warren Randall, executive chairman at Seppeltsfield Barossa.

Each bottle is embedded with microchip and a label with instructions on how customers can authenticate their purchase.

All the customer needs to do is install an NFC reader app on their iPhone or Android device,  open that up and tap the top of the bottle.

If it’s the genuine item they will see a green tick and a picture of the bottle they are about to purchase on their smartphone.

Having this NFC protection can also determine if the product has been opened or tampered with.

The notification will also include a video tour of the internationally recognised Seppeltsfield Barossa Village and the surrounding vineyards.

“I congratulate Seppeltsfield Barossa on its proactive approach and willingness to explore and adopt new technology,”  says YPB Group Australian CEO John Houston.

“The collaboration between the two companies to further develop Vintail and the platform will have a major impact on consumers who will now be able to confirm wine authenticity.”

Seppeltsfield’s latest releases, which carry this new authentication technology, include the 2017 The Westing and The Northing Barossa Shiraz and are both available from Seppeltsfield Barossa Cellar Door and Qantas Wine in Australia and are priced at $55 each.