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Apple’s long-awaited wire free AirPods are now available


Apple’s highly-anticipated AirPods – revealed with the iPhone 7 in September – are now available online and will be in stores by next week and just in time for Christmas.

With the iPhone 7 no longer sporting a headphone jack, Apple introduced AirPods which look like Apple regular earbuds – but minus the cords.

There isn’t even a cable connecting each of the earbuds.

The AirPods come with a charging case and are held inside with magnets.

And to pair them, all you have to do is hold them close to the iPhone and you’ll see picture of the AirPods with the word connect underneath it.

This is possible with Apple’s new W1 chip which can also recognise and pair Beats wireless headphones (which is owned by Apple) and earphones as well.


There is also a microphone onboard so you can also make and receive calls while you’re wearing them as well as activate Siri to control your music, answer calls and find directions.

The AirPods will be in Apple Stores next week – possibly even by the end of this week – and will be priced at $229.


Tech Guide will have a full review of Apple’s new AirPods in the coming days.