Which app has been named as the most draining for your smartphone

The latest AVG Android App Performance report has just been released and there is now a new titleholder that’s been identified as the most draining app you can install on your smartphone.

Previously Facebook and Spotify have been named as the culprits as the main performance killers on Android devices according to AVG – the online security company.

But the latest report has revealed Snapchat has stolen the crown thanks to its simultaneous use of the device’s camera, wi-fi, mobile data and GPS functionality.

Also climbing to the top of the ranks is social and blogging platform Tumblr which was observed as the highest traffic consuming app and was seen to consume more data than Netflix and Spotify combined.

AVG’s other findings include a costly quest for updates and topping the list of hidden, battery-draining services this quarter is “com.sec.android.fwupgrade,” that delivers periodic Samsung updates to Android devices via Wi-Fi.

And just like Samsung Security Policy Update (KNOX) and Google Play apps, this service has a huge impact on an Android device’s battery life.

Google Chrome has emerged as the second-highest storage-consuming app thanks to its collection of user browsing data over time and joining apps like Spotify and Amazon Kindle on the list.

Facebook has always been consistent ‘top’ performer in the AVG charts and it has a new contender with its monitoring app, Facebook Pages Manager that stores a lot of local content as it tracks page statistics, followers and comments.

Here are the lists of the most impactful apps that are either run at start-up in the background and run consciously by the user.

Run at Start-Up

* Facebook

* Google Play Services

* Facebook Pages Manager


* Words with Friends

* Instagram

* Messenger

* ooVoo Video Call Text & Voice

* ChatON Voice & Video Chat

* The Weather Channel


Run by User

* Snapchat

* Amazon Shopping UK

* Spotify Music

* LINE: Free Calls & Messages

* Samsung WatchON (Video)

* Netflix

* Clean Master (Boost & App Lock)

* Amazon Kindle

* Amazon Shopping (Global)

* BBC News


“The goal of these reports is not to alarm smartphone users, but rather to enable them to make informed choices about the apps they run on a daily basis,” said Tony Anscombe, Senior Security Evangelist, at AVG Technologies.

“Apps are meant to enhance, not to detract from your smartphone experience, but with so many options, we are in danger of overloading our devices.

“If you are one of the people who feels like they are fighting a constant battle with their device’s battery, or never have enough storage to save your favorite clips and images, then we want to help you take back control.”

In Australia, the top traffic hogs are:

Traffic Hogs

* Facebook

* Snapchat

* Instagram

* Google Play Services

* Messenger

* Google Play Store

* Twitter

* Samsung Security Policy Update

* CommBank

* eBay

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