If you’re running a small business or want to start one, there’s a new website that can help

Small businesses are an important part of the Australian economy so if they succeed, the country succeeds. A new website www.smallbusinessanswers.com.au has been launched to bring together the most common information to maximise your changes of success all in one place.

The site is the brainchild of a career marketer Angus Jones and Channel 7 Tech personality Val Quinn and includes more than 75 how-to guides.

If you were asked  what percentage of Australian Businesses were made up of small business, what would you say? 50 per cent? Maybe 70 per cent?

The answer is actually 98per cent.

In Australia, there are more than two million small businesses and really are the backbone of the local economy.

At any point in time, it is estimated 600,000 people are involved in early-stage entrepreneurial activity. Chances are these people have never collected GST, set up a website or purchased an EFTPOS terminal.

If you are running a small business or starting a small business, there are countless places to find information on hundreds of websites.  A small business owner is always trying to balance their time, and finding information is a hassle they just don’t want.

Smallbusinessanswers.com.au provides the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of starting or running a small business all in one place.

“The site is dedicated to delivering practical, grounded and helpful answers so you can get back to doing what you love – running your business,” says Quinn.

Angus Jones said: “Small business owners are passionate about their business. They want to succeed, and sometimes they just need a little help.  Small Business Answers is there to help when needed.”

“Just the process of writing the content for this site proved that information sources are spread far and wide, and many only tell half the story.  A small business owner does not have 6 months to research these topics as I did.”

To date, the site contains more than  75 guides with more coming within the topics of finance, Government and legal, HR, technology, operations, marketing and strategy.

So far, the guides on accounting software and superannuation are proving popular with topics like tax return for a small business expected to surge.  Some of the more unique guides include buying a van to which computer should I buy. If a user cannot find a guide, they can suggest one be written.

During these tough times, anything we can do to encourage spending and help small business out is going to help the Australian economy.


Angus Jones
Ph: 0411100055

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