If you love reading magazines you need Readly – it’s like Spotify for magazines

Normally anyone who likes reading magazines would head down to a newsagent and buy one  but now all the magazines can come to you with Readly – a service that does for magazines what Spotify does for music.

Customers who sign up to service for $9.99 a month will get unlimited access to more than 5,000 magazines to read on their tablet, smartphone or PC.

In the same way that Spotify and Apple Music and Netflix and other music or video streaming services offer you’re their entire catalogue for one low monthly fee, Readly does the same for magazines.

And not only do have access to the latest issues of the magazines, you can also access back issues as well.

Readly is best viewed on a tablet so the pages are larger and easier to read and also about the same size as a regular magazine.

Users can also pinch and zoom on the pages to take a closer look as well.

It’s also possible to download magazines to read offline if you’re without an internet connection or when you’re back on a plane travelling to an exotic location.

And like Spotify where you have access to the entire music library for less than the price of a CD, Readly offers access to all magazines for about the same price as one or two magazines.

And there are plenty of categories to choose form celebrity and entertainment, fashion and beauty, science and technology, health and wellness, lifestyle, luxury, photography, travel, weddings, hobbies, gaming and family and parenting.

You’ll be able to access some of the biggest titles including Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Weekly, Time, Elle, Forbes, Belle, Cosmopolitan, Golf Australia, Hello and Billboard just to name a few.

And if it’s puzzles you like, you can also access magazines full of crosswords, sudoku and find a word.

With Readly you can also share your account with your family and create five user profiles per account.

And there are no lock in contacts – you can cancel at any time.

It’s also easy to gift someone a three, six or 12 month gift card to Readly for $29.97, $59.94 and $119.88 respectively.

If you love your magazines and want to stay up to date with all the latest titles quickly and easily at your fingertips then Readly is the service for you.

You can download the Readly app for free on App Store and Google Play Store or visit au.readly.com.

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