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Mavricks case combines your smartphone and wallet


mavricks3We don’t walk out the door without our wallet and mobile but the new Mavricks Smart Phone Wallet combines these two items into one.

Mavricks Smart Phone Wallets are available for the iPhone 4/4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II with more versions on the way.

The stylish and high-quality product is made from leather and opens up to reveal a snap-in shell where the smartphone can fit securely in place.

On the left are three pockets and an additional internal sleeve to hold credit cards and your drivers licence.

Also on board is a stainless steel money clip to hold all of your bills in place.

The Mavricks Smart Phone Wallet holds your device plus your money and credit cards

The Mavricks Smart Phone Wallet also comes with a pen/stylus. At one end of a pen to write notes while the other side has a small soft tip which can be used instead of your finger to navigate the touch screen of your smartphone.

There’s also an elastic holder which can keep the pen/stylus in place when you’re not using it. A magnetic clip also keeps everything closed and secure.

What appeals with the Mavricks Smart Phone Wallet is the fact it reduces the number of things you need to carry around with you.

The Mavricks Smart Phone Wallet is designed for the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S II

With a fully loaded Mavrick’s Smart Phone Wallet it is only slightly thicker than your wallet would be anyway.

For our review we packed our wallet with our iPhone 4S, credit cards, a drivers licence and a couple of coffee shop loyalty cards. There were also a few bills and the pen/stylus. The thickness measured 2.7cm.

The Mavricks Smart Phone Wallet comes with a pen/stylus

The wallet still allows the user to get to all the ports and buttons on their smartphone and there is an opening on the back to allow you to still take photos with your device’s camera.

Using your iPhone or Galaxy S II whilst it is nestled inside the Mavricks Smart Phone Wallet was easy when you’re browsing or texting or even listening to music.

Making and receiving calls meant we needed to fold back the wallet to allow us to bring our device to our ear.

The Mavricks Smart Phone Wallet is not much thicker than a regular wallet

If you’ve got your hands full this could be a little inconvenient.

But overall we enjoyed the fact that we actually less objects to carry around by merging our smartphone and wallet with the Mavricks Smart Phone Wallet.

They are only available in black at the moment with more colours on the way.

The Mavricks Smart Phone Wallet is priced at $49.95 which is good value considering you could pay almost that amount for just a smartphone case.

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