Modern technology gives us many things.

What you can expect from eBay’s busiest shopping day of the year

The busiest shopping day of the year will take place tomorrow (December 7) but don’t worry about finding a parking spot or battling the crowds – it’s online and all you need is your mouse.

It’s predicted more than 2.6 million people will visit with an average of six gifts purchased per second.

Traditionally Australia’s busiest online shopping day has been on a Sunday but, according to eBay’s research, Monday has taken the crown with more than half a million items expected to be purchased in a 24-hour period.

The shift to smartphones has also affected the way we shop with eBay with slightly more than half of all purchases (269,000) made through the eBay mobile app – an increase of 20 per cent over last year.

Here’s what eBay is expecting:


* 2.6 million people will visit the site

* 520,000 items will be sold

* 6 gifts sold per second

* 91% of items will be brand new

* 93% of items will be in fixed price format

* Busiest 15 minute period: 9pm – 9.15pm, 14 items will be sold per second

* 79 million listings to choose from


* 269,000 items to be sold on mobile, 20% more than last year

* 3 gifts will be sold via mobile per second

* 91% of items will be brand new

* 92% of items will be in fixed price format

* 1.6 million visitors via mobile devices


* 55,000 items from the technology category (that’s an item every 2 seconds)

* 11,500 items of Women’s clothing will be sold (that’s a piece of women’s clothing every 7.5 seconds)

* 13,000 pieces of Fashion Jewellery  (that’s one every 6.6 seconds)

* 6,000 home decoration items (that’s one every 14 seconds)

* 2,000 Video games (that’s one every 43 seconds)

* 2,000 fishing items (that’s one every 43 seconds)

* 740 Mobile Phones (that’s one every two minutes)

* 2,450 items from the fitness category (that’s one every 35 seconds)

* 550 fitness technology items (that’s one every 157 seconds)

* 5,000 pet related items (that’s one every 17 seconds)

* 11,400 toys (that’s one every 7 seconds)

* 229 robots (that’s one every 6 minutes)

* 58 virtual reality items (that’s one every 26 minutes)

* 143 round towels (that’s one every 10 minutes)


* Liverpool NSW, Mackay QLD

* Campbelltown / Appin NSW

* Cranbourne, VIC

* Werribee VIC

* Toowoomba QLD

* Gladstone QLD