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Two Blokes Talking Tech discuss the controversial anti-piracy laws in Episode 214


Tune in to one of the most controversial episodes of the Two Blokes Talking Tech podcast, where Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech goes head to head with EFTM’s Trevor Long on the controversial new anti-piracy laws.

In Episode 214, the blokes square off about the new bill that passed through the Senate that will effectively block access to sites offering content illegally.

Stephen and Trevor don’t share the same opinions on the issue and debate whether the law is fair and reasonable or just a massive filter meant to curtail our online freedom.

Also on the show, we chat about the Taylor Swift open letter that made Apple backflip on its Apple Music service and whether it would pay artists in the three-month free trial period.

Other items in the program include, how we’re accessing some of the internet’s most popular sites more often with our mobile devices than our PCs, Moshi’s new gear for the MacBook, how far ahead is Netflix over the other streaming services and the sunglasses that allows the user to adjust the level of tint.

In the minute, we take a look at the UE Roll go anywhere speaker and the Control4 system that can be the brains of your smart home.

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