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Sonos releases Truplay tuning software and the new Play:5 speaker


Sonos, the company behind the popular smart multiroom speakers, has unveiled new software to improve its existing range and revealed a brand new product that raises the bar in sound quality and versatility.

Truplay is the new speaker-tuning software that can optimise the sound no matter where the speaker has been placed.

Sonos customers place their speakers in various places around their homes in places that are hardly acoustically perfect.

Truplay is part of the updated Sonos app and uses the microphone on the iPhone or iPad and a tone emitted by the speaker to analyse how the sounds reflects off the walls and furniture in the room.


Sonos takes that information and tunes the speaker so it sounds its best based on where it’s positioned.

This feature will work on all Sonos Play:1, Sonos Play:3 and Sonos Play:5 speakers and iOS controllers and will be rolled out to the entire Sonos line-up as well.

Truplay can tune the Sonos speaker to your room
Truplay can tune the Sonos speaker to your room

Sonos has also released a new flagship Play:5 speaker that delivers remarkable audio quality in your home.

Under the hood is six synchronised custom-designed drivers and three mid-woofers that can handle mid levels and deliver stunning bass while three tweeters provide crystal clear highs.


The Sonos Play:5 has some onboard smarts that allow the speaker to be used in three orientations – horizontal, and sitting on the left side or sitting on the right side.

The onboard accelerometer can tell which way the speaker is sitting and automatically adjust the output.


Even the touch sensitive controls adjust to the device’s orientation so they retain logical controls so volume up is still the uppermost button.

Two Sonos Play:5 speakers can also be linked as a stereo pair from the app.

And, as usual, these new speakers can easily be linked to other speakers in the Sonos family.


For example, it’s possible to arrange Sonos speakers to create a 5.1 channel home theatre surround sound system.

Sonos Play:5 will be priced at $749 and will be released before the end of the year.

Stay tuned to a complete review of the Sonos Play:5 on Tech Guide.