Modern technology gives us many things.

See how a father experienced the birth of his son 4000km away with Samsung VR


There are many people who think virtual reality is a novelty but this video of an Australian dad witnessing his child’s birth from the opposite side of the country using the Samsung VR just might change their mind.

Perth couple Alison and Jason Larke were 4000km away from each other when Alison gave birth to their third child.

Jason – a “fly in, fly out” electrical contractor had an important work commitment in the remote mining town on Chinchilla in Queensland when his wife went into labour.

There was no time to make it home in time so Jason had the next best thing – the opportunity to watch a live stream of the birth using the Samsung VR headset as if he was standing right there in the Perth delivery room.

And the whole experience was captured in an emotional short film that looks at the universal challenge of being in two places at the same time.

The Samsung VR headset allows users to experience virtual reality content that appear as a 360-degree world that can be experiences no matter what direction you’re looking.


The screen used inside the Samsung VR headset is actually the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.