Modern technology gives us many things.

Norton Security Premium protects all your devices from the latest threats


Internet threats are still on the rise and are targeting not only our computers but also our smartphones as well and the new Norton Security Premium has been designed to provide protection across all our devices.

The new service shields users from these dangers that are always evolving and changing.

It’s not just viruses that we have be worried about.

Threats like ransomware where your computer and its files can literally be held to ransom and phishing where cybercriminals try and trick you into sending them your vital information are just other examples of what these hackers are prepared to do to get to your files and information.

Norton Security Premium by Symantec can take care of users across the board and across multiple device.

The service starts at $59.95 to protect one device for 12 months and all the way up to $199.95 per year to protect 10 devices including Windows and Mac computers and laptops along with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Symantec’s latest internet security threat report revealed there were more than a million new threats released on the internet each day while crypto-ransomware threats increased by more the 4000 per cent in 2014.

So it’s a must for consumers to protect themselves.

When engaging the Norton Security Premium service, you are taking advantage of Symantec’s technology and intelligence which is constantly monitoring for new threats and staying a step ahead of the cyber criminals.

Norton uses more than 41.5 million attack sensors recording thousands of events per second from more than 157 countries.

Each day Norton tracks more than 31 billion URLs, 1.7 billion web requests and 25 billion executable files to make sure customers are protected.

Norton can scan Android apps before they are installed on your device
Norton can scan Android apps before they are installed on your device

Norton sets up a firewall around your computer or mobile device, can scan for any malware that might already be on your system, determines the safety of files sites using the wisdom of the community, monitors and blocks programs acting suspiciously and can then aggressively to remove infections.

Here are some of the new features of Norton Security Premium:

* Performance: Third party tests have shown Norton Security Premium is the fastest internet security product and also scored 100 per cent in “time to protect” and blocked new malware attacks on the very day they first appeared.

* More than just an anti-virus: Norton Security Premium has patented innovations that use aggressive threat detection techniques and can detect a variety of attacks, phishing and other social-engineered attacks and scams.

* Norton Family Premier: Keep your whole family safe including your kids so you can see what they are accessing and sharing online and prevent them from sharing private information.

* Backup: As part of the Norton Security Premium service customers can back up their personal files, photos, videos and other memories in the cloud.

* Compatible with Windows 10: PC users don’t have to worry if the latest Norton Security Premium software will run on Windows 10. They will be fully protected on this latest operating system.

* Easy to manage: Norton Security Premium is easy to use and also easy to manage. While it runs in the background without interrupting your day to day activities on your device or computer, there is a dashboard to provide users with insights and to add protection for new devices.

* App Intelligence: On mobile devices, Norton Mobile Insight tools crawl through more than 200 Android apps stores to analyse apps that might try to access and leak your personal information, change settings, place ads in your notification bar or require high battery use.

* 100 per cent money back guarantee: Norton has backed itself to remove any virus from a PC or Mac or your money back.

* 24/7 support: Norton Security Premium comes with 24/7 customer support from experts on the phone and online at no additional cost.