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Samsung extends smartphone lead over Apple


gs3thumbSamsung has extended its lead over Apple in the competitive smartphone market after shipping 52.1 million units in the 2012 second quarter – twice the amount Apple could manage in the same period.

Leading mobile analyst Juniper Research says the popularity of Samsung’s new Galaxy S III has boosted sales.

Samsung sold more than 10 million Galaxy S III smartphones in the month of June alone.

Apple’s sales of 26 million in the second quarter of 2012 are still quite respectable but Juniper Research predicts the company will narrow the gap with Samsung when the latest iPhone is released in the coming months.

Juniper Research says Samsung has leveraged its global brand strength to take the lead among the many Android smartphone manufacturers.

Samsung’s Android rivals have struggled for market share in the wake of the Korean company’s marketing blitz following the release of the Galaxy S III.

Companies like HTC have had their progress halted by the Samsung juggernaut.

But Juniper Research believes Sony has the potential to achieve greater success.

“Sony should be doing better. Like Samsung, it has a global name and the Xperia brand is well established but its marketing and products have been disappointing so far,” says Juniper research analyst Daniel Ashdown.

But all eyes will be on Apple as it prepares to release the new iPhone which is expected to be thinner with larger display and a controversial rumoured mini dock connector to replace the traditional 30-pin dock connector.

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