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New iPhone may be unveiled on September 12


iphonerumourmainThe new iPhone is likely to be announced on September 12 following reports of an Apple media event taking place that week.

AllThingsD says it has confirmed Apple will be holding a launch at that time with all signs pointing to the company unveiling the new iPhone.

After the constant rumours, it is also possible Apple may unveil a smaller 7-inch iPad at the event as well.

The iPhone 4S was released in October last year and a September Apple event would almost certainly be dedicated to introducing the highly-anticipated follow-up.

It is believed the new iPhone will have a larger 4-inch screen, thinner and lighter design and possibly a smaller dock connector.

At the recent Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple decided against unveiling the latest iPhone and instead concentrated on the software updates with Mountain Lion and iOS 6.

The new iPhone will have a larger screen and possibly a smaller dock connector

But with Samsung stealing a march in the smartphone market on the back of the Galaxy S III’s success – the ball is now in Apple’s court.

Samsung sold twice as many smartphones as Apple in the second quarter of 2012. But that gap is sure to narrow once the new iPhone hits the market.

With the success of the Kindle Fire and the recent Google Nexus 7 – both smaller than the iPad – it may also spur Apple to produce a smaller 7-inch iPad to take advantage of this popular size and form factor.

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