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Record and submit your tech audio questions with VoiceByte


vb3From this week Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech will be accepting audio questions for his popular 2GB radio segment and Tech Guide podcast recorded using the VoiceByte app.

VoiceByte, an app Stephen created with his brother Michael, allows users to record and share 15 seconds of audio within the VoiceByte app itself and on Facebook and Twitter.

VoiceByte is not only useful for communication, information and entertainment – it’s also a content creation tool which will make it easier for listeners to share their own content.

Listeners to Stephen’s weekly tech segment on Chris Smith’s Afternoon Show on 2GB can now record and submit their audio questions using the VoiceByte app for them to be played and answered live on air.

Here’s what you need to do:

1: Download the VoiceByte app to your iPhone (Android version coming soon).

2. Create an account, fill in your profile and upload an avatar.

Search for the broadcasters you want to listen to on VoiceByte in the search field at the top of the Boradcast screen

3. Search for Stephen Fenech (any anyone else you’re interested in listening to) from the Broadcast feed. Click on Stephen’s avatar to be taken to his profile page and click on Listen.

4. Go to the record screen and type in a clip title at the top of the screen and add the hashtag #AskStephen.

5. Record your question and once you’re happy with it (don’t worry you can re-record as many times as you want until you get it right) slide the broadcast button underneath the recorder all the way to the right to broadcast it.

6. Listen on to 2GB on Wednesday afternoon after 2pm to listen out for your question and Stephen’s answer.

Add your clip title and add the hashtag #AskStephen in the text fielsd at the top of the screen before you record and submit your tech question

Stephen will also be encouraging the listeners to his Tech Guide podcast using VoiceByte by following the same steps which have been outlined above.

These questions will be played during the Tech Guide podcast’s Help Desk segment where Stephen answers reader enquiries and provides tips.

With the content gathered from VoiceByte will now be played during the podcast recording and answered in a similar fashion.

You can download VoiceByte from the App Store here.

* Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech is the co-creator of the VoiceByte app

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