Modern technology gives us many things.

Four ways to stay ahead of your competitors online


You have to know your target audience. It is easy with the power of the internet and some powerful analytics tools. You will be able to know the habits of your customers, what they love to read, the interesting topic they engage in and when they come alive on social media.

All this will play a huge part in building your marketing campaign. It goes further to helping you personalize your marketing campaigns in order to get the results you need. Below are other few tricks you can employ:

Look for quality writers with high ranking articles

The need for quality and interactive content has grown. Today, just because you have tons of content on your website does not mean you will rank better.

It is all in the quality. You can have few quality articles and rank better than otherwebsites with hundreds of articles. Use the internet to find writers with better ranks for their articles.

You will be able to evaluate their profiles and hire them to work on your content.Alternatively, you can seek expert support  with a pool of prolific writers at their disposal to help you come up with great content.

Find out which topics your competitors are writing about

It is healthy to spy on your competitors. It may take weeks or months before you can land on an idea topic you can sell to your target audience.

In that case, take the shorter and easier route of spying on your competitors. Find out which topics they are on to and then work your content marketing strategy around those topics.

If your competitors are successful, then it means you will have a similar if not better success in it. It all lies in how well you strategize on the same.

Do a specific keyword research and optimize your content

Most SEO experts will insist on this. Even with great content, you might not get the results you need if you have a poor keyword research strategy. The aim to make others see what you write and the best way to make that possible is to optimize your content for high quality keywords.

Look for a reputable seo agency with SEO experts and outsource their services which may include keyword researchand writing quality content.

Tweak your titles and message different from your competitor’s

Just because you want to stay ahead of your competitors does not mean that you should duplicate everything they are doing. That will not be good for SEO.

Try to do what they are doing and add a thing or two to make it unique. It is all about creativity and thinking ahead of your competitors so that you can rank better.

Remember they are also doing the same and that is why hiring a digital marketing agency to help you stay up to date with the current issues is a good idea. Change the titles and content is a way that it sounds and seems unique.

For example, instead of writing 10 ways to buy shoes, you can set your title as 10+ ideas to shop for budget friendly shoes.