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Facebook’s snaphot of the people, places and moments of 2013


facebook-small-logoIt’s getting close to the end of the year and its hard to go past Facebook when it comes to finding out what we did, where we went and what we shared in 2013.

What we liked and what was important to us both here in Australia and around the world have been captured by Facebook to provide an interesting snapshot.

There are more than a billion people using Facebook worldwide with 12 million active users here in Australia.

Facebook has also made it possible for each user to look back at their own Year in Review with their most significant and popular updates presented in its own timeline.

And, of course, these personal highlights can also be shared with all of your friends.

The most talked about topics on Facebook globally

Globally the most talked about topics included Pope Francis, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Royal baby and Nelson Mandela.

Here in Australia the hot topics were the election, Princess Kate, Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott, the Lions and cricket.

The hot Facebook topics in Australia in 2013

While politics were high on the list of topics, sports also played a major part in the Facebook year with the terms cricket, grand final, Lions and Roosters causing the most buzz.

The most checked in places on Facebook in Australia

Check-in locations were also fascinating in 2013. Disneyland was the most popular Facebook check in location in the world with Times Square in New York not far behind.

In Australia the top four places on the Facebook check-in list were all in Melbourne – the MCG, Crown Casino, Rod Laver Arena and Etihad Stadium.

The most talked about entertainment subjects on Facebook in Australia in 2013

Fifth place, the first non-Melbourne location, was Darling Harbour in Sydney followed by the Sydney Opera House.

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In politics the buzzwords on Facebook were GST, asylum seekers, NBN, gay marriage and immigration.

Meanwhile on the entertainment side it was all about Big Brother, The Voice, One Direction, Breaking Bad and Beyonce.