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Facebook releases Graph Search to explore your network


facebook-iconFacebook has unveiled a new tool called Graph Search which allows users to search their network of friends to see what they’re liking, sharing and doing.

For example, a user might search for bands their friends like or for restaurants where they’ve checked in.

They can also look for movies their friends liked or search for people within their own company or who share their interests.

It will concentrate on four main areas: people, photos, places and interests.

With more than a billion users and more than a trillion connections, Facebook can offer a wealth of recommendations and suggestions.

Facebook's new Graph Search beta allows users search the network of friends and their interests

When Facebook was first launched, the typical way users used the site was to search for names and browse profiles before making connections.

Now Facebook says Graph Search will be a way to make new connections.

Graph Search will be released as a beta and will appear as a bigger search window at the top of the page.

But Graph Search is not going to put Google out of business.

Graph Search will concentrate in people, places, photos and interests

It is completely different to web search because Graph Search isn’t always public information and respects the privacy of other users.

Facebook says the rollout of Graph Search will be slow so it can accept feedback and make it a better product before the full rollout.

The Graph Search beta starts today and you can go to to put yourself on the user list.

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