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eBay mobile app empowers Australian shoppers


ebaylogoThe eBay app for iPhone has been in the App Store since it launched five years ago and has proven a runaway hit with Australian mobile shoppers.

Aussie shoppers actually spend more as a percentage of sales on their mobiles than any other market in the world.

A few trends have also emerged in the five years the app has been available including the fact that 62 per cent of Australian users admitting they have shopaholic tendencies.

And 26 per cent of men have even confessed to shopping while they’re on the toilet compared to 18 per cent of women.

Watching a movie hasn’t stopped 23 per cent of Australians from making a mobile eBay purchase with more than half of respondents (52 per cent) selling goods to pay for their new purchases.

The eBay mobile app is five years old and is giving Australians a place to shop anywhere

The eBay mobile app has been downloaded worldwide more then 100 million times.

In the second quarter of 2012 alone, more than 600,000 eBay shoppers made their first purchase on the app.

eBay predicts $20 billion worth of transactions will take place on the eBay App globally which is 33 times more than the $600 million generated in 2009.

“Being able to not only buy on the go, but sell on the go has meant that people don’t have to be strapped to their computer in order to sell an item and it’s the savviest shoppers that are making a profit out of selling unwanted items in order to buy something new,” said shopping expert Kathy Sheeran.

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