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Coffitivity provides sounds of a coffee shop to boost creativity


coffitivity3Research shows we work better with a bit of ambient noise and that was the creative spur for Coffitivity – a site that can pipe the sounds and vibe of a cafe to your desktop.

Coffitivity supplies the sounds of a moderately busy coffee shop – described in the site as a mixture of calm and commotion – to help get the creative juices flowing.

The Journal of Consumer Research says ambient noise between 50 and 70 decibels promotes abstract processing which leads to higher creativity.

But too much noise can stifle creativity with the research showing higher levels at 85 decibels and above reduces the extent of information processing which translates to lower creativity.

Once you log into the Coffitivity site you’ll notice a player just below the page’s title to supply the coffee house soundtrack complete with background voices, chairs moving in and out and the sound of cups and cutlery on a 10 minute loop.

Coffitivity plays the ambieht noises of a coffee shop to increase your creativity

And if you still wanted to listen to your music, the site recommends your music should only be slightly louder than Coffitivity.

If your workspace is not doing it for you, Coffitivity provides enough noise to work.

But one warning – after hearing the sounds you may feel a sudden desire for caffeine.

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