Modern technology gives us many things.

Forget smartphones and smartwatches – here are the smart shoes


You’ve heard of smartphones, smartwatches and a range of other smart products but Lenovo has literally put its best foot forward with an experimental new product – the smart shoe.

But should Nike, New Balance, Puma and Adidas be nervous that Lenovo may be treading on their toes?

Unveiled at Tech World in Beijing, the smart shoes are a concept product that have not been given the green light on whether or not they will go into full production.

The smart shoes have a digital display on the outside that can scroll and change depending on a person’s mood.

The smart shoes can also show fitness data like your heart rate, caloric consumption and even provide maps and directions.

This smart shoes concept was demonstrated as part of Lenovo’s Internet of Things strategy that is aiming to build an ecosystem of products that can link to the cloud and to each other to share information.

Ideally Lenovo could even partner with a well-known running show company to make the smart shoes a reality.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Tech World in Beijing as a guest of Lenovo