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Ford unveils the road to the future at CES Asia


Ford has unveiled its vision of our driving future at CES Asia in Shanghai with the latest in-car technologies designed to improve performance, convenience and safety.

Ford Smart Mobility has been thinking outside the square to come up with ways to rethink transport solutions that will be accessible and affordable as well as minimising the impact on the environment.

The announcements at CES Asia include My Energi Lifestyle, a Go Drive sharing experiment, the latest SYNC 3 in-car connectivity system and emergency assistance technology.

“Ford has been introducing ground-breaking innovations for over a hundred years, and at the core of that has always been a desire to improve the lives of millions of people all over the world,” said John Lawler, chairman and CEO, Ford China.

“All the aspects of Ford Smart Mobility on display here today at CES Asia are just the latest in a long history of improving the driver experience and delivering personal mobility for the masses.”



One of the bold announcements was MyEnergi Lifestyle – a pilot program that will be introduced in Shanghai and Beijing later this year which hopes to demonstrate how combining renewable energy sources, efficient home appliances and a plug-in hybrid vehicle can reduce energy costs and reduce CO2 waste.

Created by Ford and researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, MyEnergi LifeStyle can offer up to 63 per cent in energy-saving costs, a 40 per cent drop in electricity, a 69 per cent fall in gasoline bills along with a 45 per cent drop in CO2 emissions.


The second phase of Ford’s GoDrive car sharing solution was announced earlier this year and will invite 2000 people in London to experience the car sharing service.

Members will have access to 50 cars in 20 convenient locations in and around London.

The first phase findings showed one-way journeys, easy parking and simple pricing crucial components of a successful program.

Ford is also running a sharing program in conjunction with ZoomCar in Bangalore, India with a goal to create an easy and affordable way to help consumers who can’t afford a car – or don’t need one full time.



SYNC 3 is designed to keep drivers connected safely while they’re driving.

The new system includes faster performance, a more intuitive touchscreen and a simpler interface for drivers to control in-car entertainment, climate settings and their smartphone.

AppLink integration allows drivers to safely use apps optimised for in-car use while keeping their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.


Ford has revealed enhancements to it Emergency Assistance technology – a subscription-free feature that takes advantage of SYNC to place an emergency call in the event of a significant collision.

This program will be brought to China and offer first responders with more information to allow them to deploy their emergency staff quickly and more efficiently.

Emergency Assistance is put into motion after a collision where the airbag is triggered and the fuel pump shut-off switch is activated.

A call is placed on the owner’s behalf and will detail the type of crash (front, side, rear or rollover) and whether multiple impacts were detected.