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Why Australians are embracing robotics to get out of cleaning their house


Australians attitudes to robotics are changing and we are happy embrace the technology if it means we can get out doing the household chores, according to research by ECOVACS – one of the world’s leading home robotics innovators.

With our even busier lifestyles the majority of Australians (64 per cent) are open to robotic products cleaning our homes. And that figure is even higher among 30-39-year-olds at 74 per cent.

These findings have been released as ECOVACS launches its new range of smart home robotic solutions which include robotic vacuum cleaners which can look after carpet and even mop the floor as well as a window cleaning robot.

A telling finding is the desire for Australians to achieve a work-life balance with more than half of responders (52 per cent) wanting to spend more time with their families or doing something new.

And it didn’t take a survey to reveal that Australians hate cleaning their homes yet are still stressed if they come home to a dirty house (79 per cent) or live with someone who doesn’t do their fair share.

It was these attitudes that accelerated ECOVACS’ push into the Australian market and prioritised the launch of several new home cleaning solutions.

“We have a vision of a robot helping every Australian family, freeing up time from cumbersome chores such as window and floor cleaning that will enable people to do more of what they love,” said Damian Commane, Country Manager ANZ for ECOVACS ROBOTICS.

“With 500 world-class R&D employees, a strong and ongoing commitment to R&D and a presence in over 40 markets, it’s fantastic that we are now able to introduce ECOVACS ROBOTICS into Australia and we are very hopeful that Australians will embrace the innovation that we are introducing.

“The end goal is simple – to save a significant amount time spent on household chores and help deliver time back to busy Aussie families.

„In the end, all of the research and effort put into creating the advanced features you will find in an ECOVACS ROBOTICS solution are ultimately designed to give people time back to do the things they love with the people they love.“

The ECOVACS line-up of products includes:


DEEBOT OZMO 930 ($1,299)

The innovative Ozmo 930 can vacuum your carpet and mop your hard floors by mapping your home through the onboard sensors.

Users can control the device through the companion app or using their voice with Google Home and Amazon Echo.



DEEBOT OZMO 610 – $899

The devices be optimised for hard floors and can follow an effective cleaning path around your home for multiroom vacuuming and mopping.

It can handle hair, dirt and debris with ease.

Users can choose auto mode for general cleaning as well as spot cleaning and edge mode for cleaning specific areas.


DEEBOT R98 – $1,399

This is a 2-in-1 robotic vacuum cleaner which also includes a cordless hand vacuum for added convenience.


Window cleaning is another chore ECOVACS can take off your hands with the Winbot.

The device attaches itself to your windows with strong suction.



It is powered by an internal battery and also has a safety tether in the unlikely event it falls off the window.

If you own a Winbot, you can throw out that squeegee.


ECOVACS also provided some insight into products that may be introduced in Australia including a robotic air purifier.

The first question from many would be ”why would you need a robotic air purifier?” but it made sense when they explained.

Imagine an air purifier smart enough to wheel itself into the kitchen at dinner time to filter cooking smells or if it can be directed to purify the air in your bedroom before you go to sleep.