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Which apps are draining your battery, hogging storage and using the most data


What are the smartphone apps that are draining your battery, hogging your memory and using up all your data? Online security company AVG has just published a performance report that reveals the most resource hungry apps.

The AVG Android App Performance report was completed after looking at more than a million app users from Australia and around the world.

Facebook took the top spot globally thanks to its constant background notification checks which had the greatest impact on Android device performance.

In Australia, Instagram took out the second spot in the performance draining, storage eating and network traffic hog categories while globally Spotify came in at number two.

The top three battery drainers in Australia according to users were the Telstra app, Weatherzone and Snapchat.

AVG, the online security company for more than 197 million people worldwide, offered these tips to improve app performance on your device:

* Limit notifications to save battery life, performance and mobile data.

* Remove additional app features you do not use, such as Facebook Chat, Refresh interval, Location and Notifications.

* Free up space and limit mobile traffic on the apps you use regularly. Many apps start off small but gather clutter over time and increase in size.

* Limit the offline storage and background downloads of apps.

* Reduce your display brightness to prevent battery drain.

* Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS when not using them.

* Get rid of performance-sapping apps that you don’t use.