Some of the most ridiculous gadgets ever produced. What were they thinking?

Every now and again when a product is released the first question people ask is: why? There has been no shortage of gadgets that might have seemed like a good idea at the time but have left people scratching their heads when they hit the market.

Here is a look at some of the most ridiculous gadgets that had people asking: “what were they thinking?”

Some of them are so stupid you’ll wonder how they actually ever got manufactured.

But they did and now have a “so bad they’re good” quality to them.


In a world where we’re supposed to be focussed on the road and avoiding distractions, someone though it would be a good idea to turn the rear view mirror into an LCD screen that can connect to three video sources. Velex Technology says one source can be a rear camera but that still leaves two others that less intelligent drivers will put to use.


Combo gadgets have been popular over the years but some ideas should have stayed on the drawing board like this one – an FM radio built into a toaster. Correct me if I’m wrong but toast doesn’t take that long to make – or are we just desperate to reclaim kitchen bench top space?


Here’s another combo device that will literally shock you. The Taser MP3 player can play all of your favourite tunes and, if you find yourself in a spot of bother, you can zap them and get the hell out of there.  You also get 1GB of storage space onboard and the MP3 player won’t even run down the Taser’s battery.


It’s quite frustrating when you can’t find any of your remote controls so one bright spark thought they’d do something about it. The solution? Strap them to your face with the Remote Wrangler. You might look ridiculous but you’ll always know where the remote is.


We’ve all been warned of the dangers of texting and driving and using our phones behind the wheel. So what were the inventors of the laptop steering wheel desk thinking? Is it all about staying productive in a traffic jam? We think the drivers behind you will really appreciate it.


Stirring your tea or coffee is such an effort. Holding that teaspoon is so difficult. At least that’s what the inventors of the self-stirring mug thought. It might look like a regular travel mug but one press of the button the handle and you can literally cause quite a stir.


You want to keep your hands warm then naturally you’d expect them to be shaped like toast. These Toast USB hand warmers don’t have any unsightly cables anywhere – you simply charge the onboard batteries and your hands are all – toasty!


A lot of inventors are trying to solve a problem and this person obviously thought waving a metal detector over sand was just too much of a hassle. That’s why they came up with the metal-detecting sandals which means you can just walk across the sand to see if there are any hidden treasures below the surface.



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