Apple launches iTunes Radio in Australia

Apple today announced Australia has become the first country after the US to receive iTunes Radio – a free internet radio service with more than 100 stations.

Users can stream a huge catalogue of music from the iTunes Store with access to stations based on the music you’re already listening to and downloading.

These genre-focused stations are curated by Apple and are even more personalised the more you listen to them.

iTunes Radio users will also have access to exclusive “First Play” music from top selling artists.

iTunes Radio will give listeners access to thousands of new songs per week as well as exclusive live streams from events like the annual iTunes Festival.

It’s also possible to buy any track you hear with one click. The price of the track is at the top right hand corner of the screen.

To listen to iTunes Radio simply open the Music app on your Apple device or Mac or PC and click on Radio.

The service will offer a number of pre-populated stations but users can also tailor a station to suit their needs.

Simply create a new station and choose the type of music you like to listen to and it will begin offering songs that suit your selection and match the type of music you’ve already been listening to.

Users can also skip ahead to the next track just like they would if they were listening to their own music.

Each song also has a star near the play button so listeners can indicate they’d like more songs like this.

It’s also possible to share stations you’ve created to friends via email and text message or on Twitter and Facebook.

iTunes Radio is a free service to customers because it is ad-supported but users who subscribe to the iTunes Match service ($34.95 per year) will be able to get iTunes Radio ad free.

iTunes Match is a service that replicates your music collection in iCloud, including music imported from CDs, so it can be accessed on other devices like your iPhone, iPod and iPhone as well as on other Mac computers.

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