STM unveils its Grace collection for women to carry their tech in style

After designing bags for years, STM co-founder Adina Jacobs has come up with an elegant and practical range of bags designed just for women to make it even easier for them to organise their digital lives and look good doing it.

STM has a deep understanding about how people use their devices and how they can protect them.

The successful Australian company has taken those learnings and combined it with its trademark protection and thoughtful design.

The result is the Grace Collection.

Women are as just as big fans and users of tech as men – they’re buying laptops, smartphones, tablets, headphones, cables and accessories.

The clutch – part of the STM’s Grace collection

But they also want a bag that can not only can carry and protect their devices but one that complements their sense of style as well.

The name Grace comes from US Navy Admiral “Amazing” Grace Hopper who actually helped develop the world’s first programming language that revolutionised the computer world.

The clutch lets you fit in your cables, accessories and anything else you’d like to carry around with you.

There are three pieces in STM’s Grace Collection – the clutch, the sleeve and the deluxe sleeve.

The clutch is small and slim and is designed to carry accessories and cables when you’re travelling or it can be used on its own to carry whatever you like.

STM’s sleeve – part of the Grace collection
Carry your laptop in style the STM sleeve – part of its Grace collection

The sleeve is large enough to carry a laptop but slim enough to easily carry anywhere in style.

The deluxe sleeve adds leather handles and pockets and looks more like a fashion bag than a computer bag.

The deluxe sleeve – part of STM’s Grace collection
Carry your digital life with you with the deluxe sleeve – part of STM’s Grace collection

It is an ideal companion for any women who wants to carry their laptop and other items without actually looking like their carrying a laptop and other devices.

STM’s Grace Collection will go on sale in mid September and will be available at JB Hi-Fi stores.






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