Square offers a simple tap and go payment system you can use anywhere

We’ve all heard how it easy it is to pay for things with our phones and watches in stores but what about accepting payments anywhere quickly and conveniently even if you don’t have a store?

Square has created a solution to accept tap and go payments that suits all types of workers and all types of businesses including health and fitness, trades and services, markets, beauty professionals and coffee shops.

Square includes two payment devices.

The first is a contactless chip reader that accepts chip cards for tap and go as well as mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

There’s also a slot where a customer can insert their credit card and leave it place for the duration of the sale.

It is powered by a rechargeable battery and connects wirelessly to the free Square app on iOS and Android devices.

The Square payment device is even smaller. It connects to your device’s headphone jack and it can read a credit card in two ways.

If it has a chip that that end can be inserted into the top of the reader or you can swipe the magnetic stripe sideways through the reader.

The Square app that’s used at point-of-sale can also be used to accept every type of payment, send digital receipts, send invoices and even collect customer feedback.

The Square solution can also be accessed on a browser-based dashboard that can provide real-time reports about your business, track your inventory and set alerts when inventory is getting low.

Payments made through Square are deposited directly into your bank account the next business day.

The Square solution allows customers to make secure payments with the information from the customer’s bank encrypted when it’s being sent into the seller’s bank account.

Square charges 1.9 per cent per transaction and accepts all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express without any other added fees.

The other software tools like Invoices are free to send but are charged at 2.5 per cent for any payment received.

The Square devices themselves are priced at $59 (contactless and chip reader) and $19 (chip card reader).


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