New Optus smart plans will save you from bill shock

Optus has launched a new range of mobile plans to save you from bill shock and only charge customers $10 for an extra 1GB of data if they exceed their limit.

From July 1, the Optus My Plan will automatically move customers up to the next level if they exceed either data or voice caps rather than piling on excess charges that often add up to hundreds of extra dollars on their bill.

And when the next billing cycle starts the following month, the customer is reverted back to their original plan level.

Another new feature of the My Plans, which start at $50 a month, will be the move to minute-by-minute billing instead of the dollar value billing which was just confusing for customers.

“How often have you been sitting around the table and heard a friend or family member complain about a huge and confusing phone bill?” Vicki Brady, managing director, customer at Optus, said.

“Consumers often feel there are hidden traps in mobile plans and they don’t always have the flexibility to use their phones as they wish.

“So we are delivering Optus My Plan, genuinely new plans that offer actual fairness, flexibility and transparency.”

My Plan offers customers an added $10 charge if they move up to the next level and for that they will either receive an additional 200 minutes or 1GB of data on the $60 per month plan.

On a $50 plan the additional charges will start at just $5 for an additional 150 minutes or 500MB of data.

And each plan will increase in increments of $10 each time if the customer needs to go up to a second or even third level of their My Plan.

Users will also be kept informed about their plan status with SMS alerts when they reach 50 per cent, 85 per cent and 100 per cent.

Usage meters can also be accessed by customers with the My Optus app or online via My Account on the Optus website.

Unlimited SMS will also offered on the Optus My Plan.

Optus My Plans start at $50 a month and will be available from July 1.

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