Display your favourite photos and famous works of art with the new Netgear Meural

We take so many photos with our smartphones and that’s where they stay but with the new Meural Wi-Fi Photo Frame from Netgear, you can have all of your favourite pictures constantly on display.

And if you’re an art lover, you can also choose to have some of the most famous masterpieces hanging on your wall as well with the Meural Art membership which is like Spotify for art.

The new Netgear Meural has a 15-inch 1080P IPS anti-glare display which has TruArt technology onboard.

The screen has nice grey frame with a woodgrain edge and looks good when it’s resting on a surface thanks to the built-in collapsible stand or mounted on the wall with the included bracket.

Users can upload albums of photos or collections of art

Naturally the Meural frame can rest in either portrait or landscape with the same choice if you’d like it mounted.

But you can easily switch between portrait and landscape – the stand will work both ways and, even when mounted, it’s easy to change the orientation.

The Netgear Meural companion app makes it easy to manage the frame and it’s easy to create albums of your own photos to send to the frame – it’s called the canvas in the app – and create a slideshow of your favourite images.

Set up is also a snap through the app and it’s simply a matter of connecting Meural to your wi-fi network and giving it name.

The app does a great job stepping you through the process – it’s easy enough for anyone to follow.

The collapsible stand can be used to rest the frame in portrait or landscape

From the app you can also access your Meural Art membership which gives users access thousands of works of art.

Users can download collections and individual works and send them to the frame so they can be displayed and cycled like your photographs.

The openings on the back of the frame to hook on to the wall mounted bracket so it can be displayed in portrait or landscape

It takes seconds to create a photo playlist to display on the frame whether it’s snaps from your latest dinner party, your most recent holiday or family memories.

And the app also lets you access existing albums of images on your phone or tablet to upload to the frame.

The wall mount bracket

It’s also possible to upload an album of images to friends and family to display on their own Meural frame.

Now the kids can safely send their grandparents the latest snaps that they otherwise might not have seen if they were not on social media.

And from the Meural Art membership, which is included free via redemption for 12 months when you purchase the frame, you can access works from the world’s most famous galleries as well as photography collections across a variety of styles and categories.

You can also control the Meural Wi-Fi Photo Frame with gestures so you can navigate menus, access settings, scroll through images and, in the case of works of art, access information about that particular piece or artist.

You just wave your hand in front of the frame and move left and right and up and down depending on what you need to do.

When choosing images or artwork for Meural, it will automatically detect the orientation and crop the images to fit so you’re not having to constantly change the frame’s position.

The Netgear Meural is an amazing way to bring your images to life in fantastic quality.

The anti-glare screen means you will be able to see them clearly in any room at any time of the day or night.

And with the TruArt technology, you’re also able to see and appreciate every single brushstroke of the world’s most famous works of art.

The Netgear Meural Wi-Fi Photo Frame is available now and is priced at $499 from Harvey Norman.

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