Mobile Cloth wipes fingerprints and germs from your device’s screen

The Mobile Cloth from PC Range is a low tech product but it is specially designed to keep our high tech devices shiny, clean and bacteria free.

It is inevitable that when using touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets that fingerprints and marks are going to end up on our screens.

The PC Range Mobile Cloth has been specially designed and made of microfibre material which has fibres that are each 100 times thinner than a human hair.

They are woven in a special pattern called nubs to make it easier to wipe off fingerprints as well as 98 per cent of bacteria with no chemicals.

So even from a health perspective it is worth cleaning the screen of your device regularly – and with the right cloth like the PC Range Mobile Cloth.

It’s also safe to use on lenses and optics

Each Mobile Cloth pack, priced at $10.99, contains two cloths – one 4-inch square nano cloth for your smartphone or lens and a 9-inch square classic cloth for your larger devices like tablets, laptops and other touchscreens.

The $17.95 Mobile Cloth Classic Pack Z5 contains five multi-coloured Classic cloths so you can assign a different coloured cloth to a different device.

The Mobile Cloth can be used wet or dry and they are also machine washable.




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