Crypto Wallets: Facts That You Need to Know

We are already living in a world full of different technologies. Soon our future will be all about the Internet of Things and Blockchain technologies. It is just a matter of time when the technological revolution will pick its pace.

Blockchain technology is being used in every field. Today, every industry is using Blockchain technology to innovate their business and we are welcoming these changes.

In the future, our lives will rely in a number of key technologies.

Blockchain technology has been in the market for decades. And only a few people have been able to understand it completely. To understand the blockchain technology, it is better if we first understand how blockchain wallet works.

Let get with the facts that will help you to understand what blockchain technology actually is and how does it work.

Facts of the Blockchain Technologies

All the facts here are represented in the form of a blockchain wallet. This has done so that it will be easy to make understand.

Does it really store Money in the Blockchain Wallets?

Whenever we hear the word “wallet” everyone thinks of the regular wallets that we carry in our pocket every day. And they also create an assumption that Blockchain wallets are similar to that of regular wallets and store cryptocurrency. This is not the case.

Blockchain Wallets are not used to store actual cryptocurrencies. In fact, it’s a wallet that is used to store only the key of your Cryptocurrency address. These keys act as a signature or password while you are making Cryptocurrency transactions.

With this knowledge the question arises – where are Cryptocurrencies stored ? The answer is very simple – in the blockchain network (Public Ledgers).

And if the keys are lost, that does not mean that you have lost your Crypto assets, it only means that you have nothing to prove that those assets are yours, to begin with.

Cryptocurrencies are Private

You can consider that Cryptocurrencies are private to some extent. Like you, as the owner of the Crypto address will be anonymous, however, all your transactional data will be visible to the other people of the same network. Your identity will be revealed only at the time of transactions.

In the blockchain technology, every element is considered a “Thing” and it is considered everything has the ability to communicate with each other by sharing information.

Do these wallets need to be kept in the pocket?

Yes, it is true that the cryptocurrency wallets need to be kept in the pocket. Otherwise, you will not be able to make the necessary transaction when needed. These Crypto wallets or Blockchain wallets are tools or applications that you can store in your digital devices.

These tools and applications are loaded with most advanced Blockchain technologies. These tools are sometimes also called Blockchain key management systems. And when it comes down to the blockchain enterprise wallets, these wallets are tools that manage Blockchain fintech services. The enterprise wallets provide financial services to the people via blockchain.


In this article, we have covered Blockchain wallets facts that you must need to know before you start investing in the Cryptocurrency with the Cryptocurrencies exchange wallets.

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