Tech And Fashion: How Smart Jewellery Can Be Both Practical And Stylish 

The wearable tech market around the world is expected to have an annual growth rate of 15.9% from 2020 to 2027, according to Grand View Research.

Consumers are usually familiar with seeing wearable tech like new smart watches on the market. The complaint is that while wearable tech is practical, it often looks bulky and lacks the aesthetic appeal that comes with fashion accessories.

A good way to combine tech and fashion, however, is through smart jewellery.

Available In High Fashion Brands

Wearable technology is often synonymous with big tech brands like Samsung and Apple, so they were often thought to look futuristic and unmistakably gadget-like. However, well-known fashion brands like Tory Burch, Michael Kors, and even Kate Spade have incorporated smart technology into their pieces.

For example, Tory Burch has created fashionable fitness trackers in partnership with Fitbit. They even come in a metal hinged bracelet for those wanting to keep track of their steps even when they have to dress up.

Comes In Various Styles

For tech-loving consumers who are aiming to curate their own jewellery collection, now is the time to combine tech and jewellery. Smart jewellery comes in various options like pendants, rings, and even bangles, so there are a lot of options to cover a base collection and standout pieces that you can supplement with classic items.

There is news of smart earrings being developed by Joule and other brands, so given enough time, there will be a wide array of smart jewellery options to fill up most collections.

Designed For Discretion

One of the biggest appeals of wearable technology is that it is able to do multiple things like track one’s health and send messages. Smart jewellery brings the same features but makes the design more discreet — so discreet that it doesn’t even look like wearable technology.

A good example of this is InvisaWear, which has pieces that look like regular bracelets, fashion keychains, and even bejewelled hair ties. InvisaWear’s smart jewellery is designed to work like any regular smart device with the added feature of being able to call emergency services without needing a phone.

With wearable technology here to stay, it isn’t surprising that the fashion industry has started to embrace it. Indeed, anyone looking to have delicate, fashionable and practical accessories can be assured that smart jewellery can fill their needs.

Jewellery fans should be on the lookout for any innovations in the smart jewellery sector so they can be ahead of the newest trends.

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