Samsung joins forces with Google to create a unified smartwatch operating system

Samsung and Google have joined forces to create a new unified smartwatch operating system for the next generation of upcoming smartwatch models.

The partnership, which was announced at the Google I/O conference, will see the two tech giants work together to develop a platform which will offer information, notifications convenience and an understanding of our health.

The other goal with this collaboration is to create an ecosystem for the developer community to create apps and potentially redefine the smartwatch experience.

“The smartwatch is an empowering tool. It connects us with the people we care about, gives us immediate access to a wealth of information, and helps us to better manage and understand our health – all from our wrists,” says Samsung’s Janghyun Yoon, EVP and Head of S/W Platform Team.

“As the role smartwatches play in our everyday lives continues to evolve, recent market data shows that wearables were one of the fastest growing device categories during the pandemic.

“As a leading innovator in mobile experiences, Samsung constantly pursues new ways to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.

“That’s why we decided to team up with Google, our long-standing strategic partner, to bring the best of our platforms together into one unified experience.

“As Head of the Software Development Team, I am thrilled to bring Samsung’s longstanding expertise in wearables to this joint effort in creating a blueprint for innovative future smartwatch experiences.”

Samsung has enjoyed huge success with its Galaxy smartwatches which are popular around the world.

“We know that health and wellness are at the forefront of consumers’ minds, and we’re excited to continue building the industry-leading health experience on our new unified platform with Google,” says Samsung’s Janghyun Yoon.

“As our consumers turn to wearable technology to monitor their wellbeing, we’re meeting these needs head on.

“By creating world-class health technology, we hope to elevate how users approach to their wellbeing and enable them to make positive changes in their everyday lives.”

Samsung says it will continue to support customers who already own a Tizen OS Galaxy smartwatch with a least three years of software updates.

“We’re excited to bring a new, powerful, and refined smartwatch experience to our users in the coming months – and long into the future. So watch this space, there’s more coming soon,” added Janghyun Yoon.

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