First SonnenFlat systems installed in Australia to reduce electricity bills to $0

Sonnen’s promise to customers to reduce their electricity bills to $0 is already underway with the first Australian residential installations of the SonnenFlat system by Natural Solar.

The German battery-maker, in conjunction with Natural Solar – Australia’s leading solar and battery installer, has plans to turn houses around Australia into one huge connected power station with SonnenFlat.

SonnenFlat systems have already been installed in the company’s home country of Germany as well as across Europe in more than 30,000 homes.

The first people in Australia to have a SonnenFlat system installed is the Ridey family from North Ryde in NSW.

The Ridey family (two adults and three children) live in a five-bedroom home which has 3kW solar panels that were installed six years ago and they decided to add a 10kWh sonnenBatterie eco 8.

The Rideys were previously paying an average of $566 per quarter for their electricity.

With a SonnenFlat system, they are expected to save more than $2000 per year.

The Ridey family have a two-storey home with multiple bathrooms, dining and living areas, an entertainment area, standard appliances and ducted air conditioning.

The cost of the installation of the SonnenFlat system by the Ridey family was not disclosed.

“More and more we are seeing consumers searching for ways to take the power back from energy retailers,” says Chris Williams, CEO and founder of Natural Solar.

“For the 1.6 million Australian homeowners who already have solar installed on their home, simply adding a sonnenBatterie may allow them to be eligible for free electricity where they don’t pay a cent for their bills and have sonnen as their electricity retailer.

“We are seeing more consumers than ever before opt-in for solar and battery storage options in order to benefit from the anticipated savings.”

The Ridey family was the first to have the SonnenFlat system installed in Australia

Natural Solar’s Mr Williams says Australia is becoming a battery community and the more people adopt battery power and initiatives such as SonnenFlat, the greater influence they will have on the overall grid.

“This means there will be less pressure on the ageing infrastructure, and will likely prevent the occurrence of blackouts like the South Australian grid-failure we saw a year ago which pushed an entire state into darkness,” he said.

“By participating in grid stabilisation services, the sonnenFlat virtual power plant will generate revenue which can then be passed back to households, maximising their return on investment in the form of $0 electricity bills.”

Sonnen’s approach with SonnenFlat is to provide homeowners with an opportunity to take control of their power security and cutting traditional electricity retailers out of the equation.

“Considering those with sonnenFlat don’t pay a network fee or meter fee, bill reductions of 100 per cent are not only a reality, they are an expectation,” said Mr Williams.

“In 2017 alone, we have seen electricity bills rise by 20 per cent, with this figure anticipated to increase year on year.

“Attractive solutions for Aussie homeowners involve any sort of opportunity to save money and reduce the running costs of their home.

“SonnenFlat gives people stability; it’s almost like having a mobile phone plan with monthly administration fees that don’t fluctuate which any homeowner can successfully budget for.

“There’s no doubt the motivation and demand for battery power is here and will continue to grow as more innovations such as sonnenFlat become available in the Australian market.

“Battery storage is the beacon of hope for Aussie households struggling to make ends meet, and the sure-fire future for many Australians.”

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