Amaysim adds more mobile data to fight the growing competition

Amaysim has responded to the competition in the SIM only mobile plan market by adding more data and simplifying its offerings in an effort to reduce worry and confusion for its customers.

According to the latest Galaxy Research, 58 per cent of Australian mobile customers say simple cost structure was essential while half of those surveyed said they could probably get a better deal if they shopped around.

Amaysim, the fourth largest mobile service provider in Australia, has made unlimited standard talk and text and unlimited international SMS and MMS standard across all of its plans which start at $24.95 a month.

The next choice to make is – how much data?

Amaysim, which uses the Optus 4G network, has added an extra 1GB to its top plan – formerly the Unlimited 7GB and now the Unlimited 8GB – and maintained the same price of $49.95. That’s $5 cheaper than the previous Unlimited 7GB it replaces and now with an extra 1GB of data.

The price of the popular Amaysim Unlimited 5GB has also been reduced from $44.90 to $39.90 and offers competitive value for under $40.

And for an additional $5 you can also 300 minutes of standard international calls and unlimited SMS and MMS to 32 selected countries.

Amaysim also has the Unlimited 2GB and Unlimited 1GB which are priced at $29.95 and $24.95 respectively.

The move by Amaysim comes after Kogan Mobile launched recently with 3G plans on the Vodafone network starting at $29.90 a month for unlimited calls and texts and 3GB of data.

Boost Mobile hit back last week with a $40 plan on the Telstra 4G network that offers up to 11GB a month.

Then Lebara Mobile fired a shot across the bow with $20 plan with 2GB a month with the option of earning another 2GB of free data by viewing ads every third time you unlock your Android smartphone.



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  • Rosti

    All of this sounds good Stephen Fenech, until you go past the hype and try it out, first hand, in the real world, as I have.

    There are a number of issues with Amaysim..

    Firstly, the minute things go wrong and standard interaction via their web page does not resolve your issue, they essentially ignore you cries for help.

    Secondly, as they re-sell Optus services, if you exceed the allocated data plan, instead of shutting down your access immediately, they wait a day or two (and they blame Optus for this lag) then hit you for the access data usage that can be double or triple you monthly account fee. So you end up owing hundreds of dollars AND you are cut off.

    If you cancel your account, they do not turn it off straight away and chase you for payment long after you have terminated, for usage you did not generate. If you try to negotiate or argue your way out of it, again, as they do not communicate with you, they just report your non-payment to the credit checking companies so that you end up with no service, owing money and a bad credit history.

    For $50/month, you can get a SIM only account from Optus, get free calls and SMS and 8GB of data. Should you exceed your data, they just add 1GB to your account and charge you $10 extra. Job done.

    Steer away from companies that do not have shop fronts or even phone numbers where you can talk to a person and tell them if you’re not happy with their service.

    Amaysim is one of those providers that even ‘punish’ you if you complain.

    Not worth it !