Modern technology gives us many things.

This tiny D-Link device is a digital TV tuner for your Android smartphone or tablet


If you own an Android smartphone or tablet you can turn it into a digital TV on the go with the D-Link DSM T100 Portable Digital TV receiver so you’ll never miss your favourite show or sporting event.

The D-Link device is tiny – it’s slightly larger than a five cent coin and it attaches directly to the Android device’s microUSB port.

There’s also a small loop antenna that fits on the back of the receiver.

The advantage of a device this small is you can carry it anywhere but the downside is it’s easy to lose if you’re not careful.


The D-Link Portable Digital TV receiver is a terrestrial tuner – in other words, it’s a little mini set top box for your Android smartphone.

It works with a companion app – the D-Link TV Tuner app – which allows users to tune the channels before your first usage.

The app is also the EPG (electronic program guide) and allows users to record shows to the device’s memory.

Being realistic, the D-Link TV tuner is meant for outdoor use and when you’re on the move. The loop antenna won’t work indoors to give you the entire selection of channels.

If you’re inside you can do one of two things – either connect the D-Link receiver to the antenna connection on your wall or just watch regular TV.


With the larger high quality screens on the latest Android devices the picture quality is impressive when you’re in a good signal area.

You’ll see some obvious picture break up when the signal strength drops. But generally when we had clear access to the sky outdoors it worked well.

The app was also easy to navigate and it displayed channel and program information every time we changed channel.

But the best part about the D-Link Digital TV receiver is that it’s not going to use any data whatsoever.

With this device, you’re viewing a terrestrial broadcast like you would on a regular TV. So no nasty little surprises on your bill for breaking your plan’s data cap.

The D-Link Portable Digital TV receiver is available now and is priced at $49.95.


The D-Link DSM T100 Portable Digital TV receiver is an excellent solution for users who want to turn their smartphone into a TV on the go. With this device, you’ve got no more excuses about missing your favourite shows.