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Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security protects wherever you go online


trendtitaniummainResearch by internet security company Trend Micro has revealed interesting Australian habits when it comes to parental controls, mobile security and social networking.

The research has been announced to coincide with the release of Trend Micro’s Titanium Maximum Security – a robust all-in-one protection software solution that can protect users and their families online.

Today we use the internet to email, browse, socialise, bank, shop and more and Titanium Maximum Security provides a set and forget solution that won’t impact your system performance or bother you with annoying pop-ups.

Titanium Maximum Security can even protect users on social networking sites and now features an all-new Facebook Privacy Scanner which protects your identity and also identifies malicious links on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

But Trend Micro’s research shows that while 66 per cent of respondents are concerned about identity theft, there are many users who are still putting themselves at risk by revealing information like their birth date (63 per cent) and vacation plans (26 per cent).

Trend Micro's Titanium Maximum Security is a set and forget solution for complete protection

Titanium Maximum Security also offers comprehensive parental controls which can protect your children from inappropriate content.

Even though 71 per cent of parents are concerned about what their children are doing and sharing online and on social networking sites – only 29 per cent actually monitor what their children do on the internet.

With smartphones increasing in popularity these devices are now becoming the next target for cyber criminals.

Trend Micro’s research shows Australians are tech savvy when it comes to adopting new technology but years behind when it comes to protecting their mobile device.

Titanium Maximum Security can also protect you on social networking sites like Facebook

Alarmingly 33 per cent think locking their smartphone with a passcode is sufficient protection while 47 per cent think their mobiles are more secure than their laptops.

Titanium Maximum Security can also be used to protect Android devices with the installation of the Trend Micro Mobile Security app.

Users can get a free three-month trial of the Android app and use the product code which is included with Titanium Maximum Security for 12 months of protection.

Trend Micro Mobile Security can scan apps before they are installed to ensure users are not installing malware on their mobile device and also prevent access to malicious web links.

Titanium Maximum Security provides comprehensive parental controls to monitor what your children is viewing and sharing online

Titanium Maximum Security will also provide protection for Windows 8 users when the new Microsoft operating system is released next month.

Also included with the product is 10GB of online storage with Trend Micro SafeSync to protect, access and share your files.

Trend Micro’s Titanium Maximum Security is available now is and priced at $129.95. Each licence can be used by up to five PC and/or Android devices.

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