Optus hits speeds of 70Mbps in 700Mhz 4G trials

Optus has announced the results of its first Australia 4G trial using the 700Mhz frequency which allows wider coverage and speeds of up to 70Mbps.

The trial has been running for the past few months in Bendigo in regional Victoria and was described by Optus chief executive Paul O’Sullivan as “a success”.

Optus achieved downloads speeds of up to 70Mbps per second during the trial and an impressive upload speed of 32Mbps.

The 700Mhz spectrum Optus used in the trial is known as the digital dividend spectrum and has been made available as more regions switch from analogue to digital television.

In fact the 700Mhz spectrum will be auctioned in November this year with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone all interested parties.

700Mhz allows for up to 13kms of coverage from a single tower compared with up to 6kms on 1800Mhz – the frequency being used by Telstra in its initial 4G rollout.

The added transmission distance between towers is particularly useful for regional where services can be offered across a wider area.

Optus’s tests of the 700Mhz frequency included a variety of services and applications – mobile smartphone apps, mobile TV, internet TV and online gaming.

Optus also set up a high definition conference unit on the famous Bendigo tram and made HD video calls to the Optus headquarters in Sydney.

The 700Mhz frequency used by Optus in the trial also happens to be one of the 4G frequencies supported by the new iPad.

“At Optus, we want Australians who live in the thriving regional and rural centres to be included as we roll-out our next generation of mobile technology,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“Early access to vital spectrum in areas where analogue TV has already been switched off will be important in driving future 4G mobile and broadband competition for regional Australia.”

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