ATEM Mini Pro review – the device that puts the power of a TV studio in your hand

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The ATEM Mini Pro is a powerful piece of equipment that brings a level of quality that live streams and video creators have never seen before.

The ATEM Mini Pro, from Australian company Black Magic Design, is device that can put the power of a TV studio in your hands to enable multiple camera switching and live online broadcasts.

The unit, which can fit in the palm of your hand, allows users to connect up to four cameras and stream directly to Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.

There is also USB-C port onboard which can be utilised to record directly to an SSD drive, regular hard drive or USB thumb drive.

When four cameras or other sources are connected, it is possible to switch between cameras for your video in the same way a TV studio would with producers in a booth choosing the different cameras during a live show.

The ATEM Mini Pro now gives users those same capabilities as well as some cool transitions and picture in picture capability.

You can set the device to instantly between sources or set durations from 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2 seconds.

Each of the connected cameras can be controlled to a degree from the ATEM Software Control which also enables switching between cameras through a laptop that links wirelessly to the ATEM Mini Pro on your network.

Users can also adjust the colour settings, focus and zoom on the cameras through the unit.

A connected laptop’s wi-fi connection can also be utilised as your upload path when streaming live to Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.

The unit also makes it possible to share your desktop as well as other images and video files from the ATEM Software Control through the ATEM Mini Pro.

The ATEM Mini Pro can handle up to 1080p at 60 frames per second – it’s not 4K but there are not too many 4K streams although YouTube can already handle 4K videos.

And that also means you can’t record through the ATEM Mini Pro in 4K either.

When the cameras are connected the ability to record through the ATEM Mini Pro in full HD is still a gamechanger because you don’t need to gather the clips from each camera’s respective memory cards – it’s all recorded In one place.

On the audio side you can choose to take the audio feed from any of the connected cameras even when you’re not using the video from that camera.

There are also two microphone inputs on the unit itself so you can connect your own microphone although we had heard of people having audio/video sync issues.

We tried to connect our own mic in one of these inputs and we had a bit of feedback and also had a bit of echo as well – probably something wrong with our set-up but that’s what happened.

But overall, we were so impressed with ATEM Mini Pro we decides to buy one for ourselves so we can create our own live streams and to help us record our product reviews.

The ATEM Mini Pro is priced at $1,185 and are available to order now but expect to wait a few weeks to receive it as there are numerous backorders and a long list of customers.

You can watch our complete review in the Tech Guide YouTube video that’s embedded above.

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