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Manage charger cable clutter with the Charger Clip


chargerclip3With all the devices we’re using we also have a lot of cables and managing all of them can be a challenge. Now an Aussie invention can help sort out the clutter.

The Charger Clip is a small product that hooks onto the edge of your desk and positions your charging cord within easy reach instead of leaving it on the floor at your feet.

User can insert their charging cable into the Charger Clip so the end of the charging cable for your iPhone, smartphone, laptop or tablet or any other device is always there.

It doesn’t take up any room on your desk and can be put in place in seconds. It also has a low profile design that’s unobtrusive.

There is no need to use any tools to install the Charger Clip – simply hook the clip onto the edge of the desk, take the included screw and tighten until it’s secure.

The Charger Clips we're using in the Tech Guide office

And it’s just as easy to remove if you need to use the Charger Clip somewhere else.

It’s ideal for tables, desks and bedside tables between 5mm and 40mm thick and anywhere else you need access to your charger cables.

The Charger Clip takes seconds to install and puts your cable within easy reach instead of being bunched up under your desk at your feet

The Charger Clip is available in a number of colours including transparent, green, pink, black and white and is priced at just $7.95 with an additional $7.50 for Australia wide shipping.

There’s also a special twin pack priced at $13.95 which is a saving of 40 per cent.

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