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Woolworths app lets you shop from your mobile



The Woolworths app has been upgraded to allow users to do their shopping, pay for it and organise delivery right from their iPhone or Android smartphone.

Users who already have the Woolworths app will be able to download the update today to enable these handy new features.

Since being launched in August, more than 1.5 million people have downloaded the Woolworths app.

The common feedback among users was asking when they would be able to use the app to do their shopping online.

With the Woolworths app people can now browse everything they’d find in the stores in the same aisle order on their smartphone and create their shopping list.

The updated Woolworths app allows shoppers to buy their groceries right from their mobile

One of the biggest changes to the Woolworths app is the fact that shoppers can now pay for their shopping on their device and organise to have their groceries delivered to their door.

And for those who would still prefer to walk the Woolworths aisles the app can still arrange your shopping list in the same aisle order of your local store.

Finding products is easy and can be found by name, category or by scanning the barcode to add it to your shopping list.

Users can also take advantage of weekly catalogue specials and the specials available at your local Woolworths store along with exclusive offers for Everyday Rewards members.

Shoppers using the Woolworths can still take advantage of catalogue specials

“Customers want options about how and when they do their fresh food and grocery shopping,” says Tjeerd Jegen, Woolworths director of supermarkets.

“Woolworths understands this and we are the first supermarket in the country to offer customers a tailored, practical and easy-to-use solution to suit their lifestyle and individual shopping needs.”

The Woolworths app is free and available now for iPhone and Android smartphones.

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