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Smartphone apps that can save you from drunken embarrassment

drunkapps5At this time of year many will be out celebrating but the good news is there are free smartphone apps that can save your from alcohol-related embarrassment.

They don’t call it the silly season for nothing and often the combination of a few drinks under your belt and your smartphone can be an awkward combination.

When some people have been drinking they like to call or text people and tell them what they really think of them – positive or negative.

It could be their boss, a work colleague or their ex and that call or text could have consequences long after your hangover has worn off.

But your smartphone can also help make the right decision after you or a friend have been drinking.

Drunk Text Savior can look at what you're typing and advise if you should send it or not

Drunk Text Savior is an app for iOS that can save you the embarrassment of sending drunken texts and sharing illegible posts on Facebook and Twitter.

When you start a new message or post, the app judges your spelling and grammar and advises you whether you should send it or not.

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If you’re not having much luck hitting the right keys the Warning Meter will move and flash messages like “Are your eyes open?” and “You’re pushing it” and “Don’t send this one”.

Call Stopper Lite for Android allows users to enter numbers that they shouldn’t be calling with a skinful of alcohol before they head out.

That way when they’ve got a got a buzz happening and the drunken confidence to tell their boss or ex exactly what they think of them, the app will block these numbers when they reach for their smartphone.

Call Stopper Lite allows users to block certain numbers from being called

One of the biggest problems of drinking is trying to judge how much alcohol you’ve consumed and whether you or your friends are OK to drive.

BreathalEyes is an app for iOS (Android version coming soon) that allows users to estimate the alcohol level of their friend by scanning their eyes.

According to the app’s creators, it can read your involuntary horizontal eye movement and give you a blood alcohol estimate.

Now the accuracy of the readings might be questionable and the app itself says readings can vary depending on a number of factors.

BreathalEyes lets you scan a friends eye to measure their blood alcohol level

Most of our tests had us well over the legal limit despite not having a drink.

To cover themselves the developers have also stated BreathalEyes is for entertainment purposes.

But at the very least the app can be used to convince a friend not to drive if they’ve had a few drinks.

Drunk Text Savior, Call Stopper Lite and BreathalEyes are all free apps.

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