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Samsung’s new French Door fridge has been designed with hygiene in mind


Samsung has launched its new French Door fridge range with hygiene in mind after a year of social distancing, using hand sanitiser and wearing masks in busy public places.

The four door refrigerator has anti-bacterial handles for an even higher level of hygiene.

Samsung has also moved the water and ice dispenser inside the front door panel to create a beverage showcase and reduce the risk of contamination.

Here you can also grab a quick drink whether it’s the cold water from the dispenser or a beer or soft drink on the internal shelf.

But this hasn’t affected the space inside the fridge.

Grab the regular anti-bacterial handle on the same door and you’ll be able open the entire door and now be looking inside the fridge.

The Samsung French Door Fridge includes innovative storage to help keep food fresher longer with individual compartments that offer precise temperature control.

“Now more than ever, our homes are our haven – a place where we live, learn, entertain and relax,” says Andrew Wand, Head of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics Australia.

“The kitchen is arguably the heart of the home and Samsung believes that intuitive design and innovation is the key creating home appliances that can make a real difference in people’s lives.

“We’re excited to launch our new French Door Refrigerator range in Australia as they’re packed with new, smart technologies.

“New features include innovative storage designed to keep food fresher for longer; the beverage showcase that includes an internal water and ice dispenser with quick access to drinks for easy entertaining; and anti-bacterial handles for improved hygiene.

“I’m confident these new refrigerators will help many Aussies have a happier and healthier experience at home.”

Samsung’s new French Door Refrigerator range will be available in Australia from next month.

Pricing is yet to be announced.