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Watch TV anywhere on your iPhone, iPad with iDTV


idtvthumbEver wanted to be able to watch digital TV anywhere on your iPhone and iPad? Well, with a tiny new device called iDTV you can.

Priced at just $99.95, the iDTV is about 4cm square and 1.3cm thick with a 30-pin dock connector. It is a mini digital set-top box.

Users can watch and record digital terrestrial television on their iPad 2 and the new iPad as well as the iPhone 4S.

A free iDTV app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store to allow all of the Australian digital channels to be viewed on your device along with an EPG (electronic programme guide).

Viewers can even watch, pause and rewind live TV.

The iDTV allows users to watch and record live digital TV on their iPhone and iPad

The iDTV also has its own battery so it won’t drain the battery aboard the iPhone or iPad. On a full charge, the iDTV can provide up to eight hours of viewing time.

And because the device uses a built-in digital TV receiver there are no downloads and no wireless internet or cellular connection is required.

Now you’ll never have to miss your favourite show or sporting event. And with the Olympics just around the corner, we can also cheer on our athletes from anywhere with the iDTV.

The iDTV has three different aerial options to suit users in all areas – a small telescopic antenna, a small base antenna with a magnetic stand and an RF adaptor so it can be plugged into a wall connection.

The small iDTV device fits into the iPad or iPhone's dock connector and acts like a digital set top box

Outside in open areas which were well elevated only required the small telescopic aerial to be attached to the iDTV unit.

Not all areas will have ideal reception. There are several factors which can affect just how clearly the signal in your area.

Across the eastern suburbs of Sydney and around the CBD where we did the bulk of our testing we were able to view channels quite clearly just with the telescopic antenna.

The larger base antenna allowed the signal to find us in flatter areas and valleys. And because it has a magnetic base we were even able to attach the antenna to the roof of our car and find a signal.

Watch TV anywhere with the iDTV on the iPad and iPhone

This is ideal for passengers or kids in the back seat who want to stay entertained on the move.

But most of the time we had our iPad sitting up on a stand on our desk with the iDTV plugged into our wall plate which tapped into the aerial on the roof of our home.

So if you’re thinking about buying a new TV for the spare room or for a child’s bedroom, the iDTV is a handy, and cheaper, option if there is a wall connection in the room.

The iDTV will only work with the iPad 2 and the new iPad and the iPhone 4S because they have faster processors to handle the app and the incoming signal.


The iDTV comes with two antennas and a plug to connect the device into a TV point on your wall

The iDTV will allow users to view all of the digital TV channels in standard definition the channels usually viewed in high definition on your TV like channels 70, 90 and One HD.

The iDTV is available now and is prced at $99.95. It can be purchased from or by calling 02 8338 8558.

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