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Samsung unveils its new range of connected AI-powered kitchen appliances

The kitchen has become the latest room in Australian homes that’s getting even smarter and driven even further by AI according to research carried out by Samsung.

Samsung’s Cooking Research Report reveals 60 per cent want to smarten up their home with AI-powered kitchen appliances.

The report coincides with the launch of Samsung Cooking – the company’s first connected smart kitchen which includes an impressive line-up of new appliances with AI onboard to make cooking even smarter.

The research showed that time poor Australians a spending up to $4,000 a year on takeaway lunches during the working week despite cost of living pressures.

This move is more for convenience but still does come at a cost, but respondents revealed they want to make cooking easier and more efficient with 93 per cent willing to use AI for their meal planning and preparation.

The kitchen is an ideal example of the challenges Australians are facing today – they have less time to prepare meals and are frustrated with the time it takes to cook multiple dishes at the same time.

The new Samsung range includes the Oven Flex Door which allows users to cook two meals separately at the same time and also check on their progress remotely through a built in camera.

The latest Samsung Family Hub refrigerators Can even detect and catalogue of all the food placed inside using an AI camera

“Samsung has been investing in AI for more than a decade, and it is something we see come to life in our connected appliances,” says Jeremy Senior, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia.

“It is no secret that many Australians today are time poor, which is reflected in these findings and their focus on convenience over cooking at home.

“Our built-in cooking range is the latest addition in Samsung’s AI connected-home ecosystem, and through the power of Samsung’s innovative technology and AI, we are excited to provide home chefs of all levels with innovative technology that combats the pain points faced in the kitchen.

“The robust new smart cooking line-up from Samsung includes ovens, cooktops, rangehoods and dishwashers, all with innovative new tech solutions, inspired by the rapidly growing adoption of AI in the home.”

The other barrier for cooking apart from time pressures of everyday life is also a lack of inspiration and ideas when planning meals according to 43 per cent of respondents.

The other roadblock, says 42 per cent, is not having the right ingredients.

More than half (53 per cent) of Australians agree they could benefit from an AI-powered device in their home and that it would be of most use to them in the kitchen.

The new Samsung built-in cooking range works hand in hand with the Samsung Food App which can recommend recipes for busy households and meet all dietary preferences.

Another reason behind the interest in bringing AI into practise it to also reduce food waste according to 46 per cent of those surveyed.

Australians see the introduction of AI as a positive change and 60 per cent are willing to invest in AI kitchen appliances in the next few years.

The whole range is optimised with Samsung SmartThings app which lets you monitor and control smart home products including the new Samsung built-in cooking range.

Key technology included in the Samsung Built in Cooking Range includes:

– Wi-Fi Connected: Allowing Australians to remotely monitor and control their oven, cooktop, and range hood from their smartphone – whether it be to pre-heat on the way home, through to auto-cook settings from the comfort of their couch.

– AI Pro Cooking: With a built-in AI camera, end-to-end professional quality cooking will be made easy, fun, and shareable. Without needing to open the oven door, cooking can be optimised through recipe selection, and post-cook highlight videos created to share with friends or across social media.

– Dual Cook Flex: Some oven models will include two compartments that can be set to two different temperatures, as well as when multi-cooking a flexible door means one zone can be checked without interrupting the other – providing both time and energy efficiencies (when only using the top half).

– Samsung Food: A personalised, AI-powered food and recipe app, to support Australians plan their weekly meals. Samsung Food offers more than 160,000 recipes, acting as a personal assistant that helps Australians discover new dishes, create tailored meal plans and order ingredients online. The service also helps users control their cooking appliances and access guided cooking experiences.

The new Samsung built-in cooking range is available now to buy from and from retail partners including Harvey Norman and The Good Guys.

Link to Samsung cooking range:

Range and pricing info 

Home Appliance RRP (AUD) Colour
6 Series AI Oven Flex door $3699 Black
Bespoke 6 Series Oven $2999 Beige, Black
5 Series Pyrolytic Oven Flex Door $1999 Silver
4 Series Pyrolytic Oven $1499, $1399 Black, Silver
4 Series Catalytic Oven $1149 Silver
Induction Cooktop 80cm $2299 Black
Bespoke Induction Cooktop 60cm $1899 Beige
Induction Cooktop 60cm Mag Dial $2099 Black
Induction Cooktop 60cm 5 Series 3 zones $1299 Black
Bespoke Rangehood 90cm $1499 Black
Bespoke Rangehood 90cm $1499 White
BESPOKE 15PS Dishwasher $1599 Satin Beige, Clean Black
14 PS Dishwasher $899, $799 Black, Silver